Hi, I’m Jen and I am a modern medicine lady and tattoo fairy. I put prayers on people’s skin and help truth and beauty surface. I approach tattooing in a different way than most tattooers. Not only do I see tattooing as a way to decorate & celebrate the body, I practice it as a healing art. Along with transforming the physical, I address spiritual, emotional and mental aspects. I do this through my comprehensive tattoo medicine program which includes tattoo sessions and separate healing work.

If you are only looking for a gorgeous tattoo I recommend checking out the artists at Sanctuary Tattoo. If you are seeking an experience beyond an ordinary tattoo and are committed to your growth and healing please submit this inquiry for so we can establish whether this would be the ideal fit for both of us.

Tattoo Medicine with Jennifer Moore from Modern Medicine Lady on Vimeo.

The 10 steps for tattoo medicine with Jen:
it goes something like this…

You are over 18 and you fill out this inquiry about working with me.

I review your application and respond with details for the next step.

 We connect to discuss your vision and desires in greater detail and come up with a plan that fits your needs best.

I send you the terms of our agreement you agree to it and I take a non-refundable deposit from you then we schedule time for our work together.

We connect for initial healing session work to release obstacles and invite shifts that will prepare you for the purest intent of your tattoo.

You do the personal homework work you committed to.

You get plenty of rest and eat a good meal prior to your tattoo time.

I give Tattoo & Healing luvins to you.

We connect for agreed upon healing and follow-up sessions.

Your tattoo heals and you wear a piece made to affirm and support you for the rest of your life.